Once Upon A Crush - Book review

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Title: Once Upon A Crush
Author: Kiran Manral
Genre: Romantic/ Humor
Price: Rs 195 (Buy from Flipkart.com for Rs 160)
Number of pages: 224
Publisher: Jufic Books (an imprint of Leadstart Publishing)
ISBN-10: 9382473912
ISBN-13: 9789382473916

The Blurb:
Rayna De, stuck in a dead end job with a boss from hell, zero love life and the big 3-O looming large on the immediate horizon, has started to panic a bit. No, make that panic a lot. Enter new object of lust in the office, Deven Ahuja, and Rayna is overpowered by inappropriate visions of Cupid aiming his arrows straight into her heart, with turtle doves doing their billing and cooing act in the backdrop. Alas, Deven is completely out of Rayna's league despite the contradictory messages he seems to be sending out, and is, as decreed by page three supplements of the city newspapers, the man in the life of the gorgeous, light eyed model-turned-actress Sharbari Raina. As Rayna battles with her crush, shaky employment status and dithers about signing up for domesticity with the approved-by-her-parents Sid Bose, of the multi zero pay package and three-bedroom house, she discovers that life has its own plans...

About the Author:
Kiran Manral has worked with some of the leading media houses in India as a features writer and journalist. Her debut novel, The Reluctant Detective, was published in 2012. She lives with her family in Mumbai and puts her current job definition down as school gate mom.

My Review:
I usually do not read chick-flicks where the protagonist (a loner) talks about what a sad life she leads with no boyfriends, well-settled friends and how everything keeps on going wrong in her life when she finally bumps into Mr Awesome with whom she has no chance but wait she just might! This is one such kind of book and yet not only did I read it but enjoyed it thoroughly is because of the narration. Its absolutely amazing. The story is simple as I explained in the first line yet the way the author narrates it, at various instances you can find yourself or someone you know being portrayed. Quite a lot of situations are hand-picked from your life and that makes it interesting. You can easily correlate with the instances in her life and the weird people! ;)

Characters of the book don't seem alien to you - not fabricated as per their whims and fantasies - just people picked up from life. And yes, it's just another love story but not so much. By the end of the story, your heart beats for her desire- at least mine did. With all my heart, I just wanted her to be with the Mr Awesome and not the guy her parents found for her. I can't tell you which one she ends up with but by the climax, I felt as if my life's decision was being done there by her! It was the first time an author could get me that involved in a story! :)

Leaving you with some quotes from the book for you to appreciate her brilliant writing and sardonic humor:
“Post this shopping trip, I would be in such deep credit card hock that I would have to sign over my unborn children and hock my womb and eggs in triplicate to the bank.”
"... the funny wigs that airhostesses wore as part of their uniform, making them look like they were the airhostess version of Oompaloompas having emerged out of some cookie cutter airhostess factory run by Willi Wonka..."

My Rating: 4 out of 5 
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