The Power of 'AND'

Sunday, February 1, 2015 definitely gives you a lot of options, some with strings attached and some without! Yet, it doesn't say how many of these can we choose? In terms of computer programmers, it doesn't say whether to put radio buttons or checkboxes! Or as an engineering student might be familiar with, even multiple choice questions have an option of "all of the above"! So how do we decide how many options to choose! We don't! 

Have you ever stood in front of an ice cream parlor to decide which flavour you want? I could never decide, so I always end up choosing three scoops of different flavours each (yes three, I am a foodie and I am fat! :P ) Now when I can't decide between the flavours, how does the world expect me to choose just one identity! 

That's what I choose - ANDs!

When I meet people and have to introduce myself, my situation is pretty similar to Saif Ali Khan in Salaam Namaste! I tell what I'm doing based on other person's career! If they are into nerdy things, I tell them I am a Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology! If they are a bit creative, I tell them I write! If they are movie buffs, I go on and on about rom-coms and sitcoms. If they are into books, I let my book-o-maniac come out in the open! For the big foodies like me, I am a pretty awesome cook. So basically I am a mixture of a lot of things, a bit of crazy in each. I can't describe my life with just a single identity, so I use my 'AND' because that's what makes me who I am. Take any one of these out, and i'll be incomplete! 

So I am a nerdy scientist AND a amateur author
a movie buff AND a book-o-maniac 
a great cook AND a big foodie! 
I am fat AND pretty, 
emotional AND strong, 
sensible AND crazy,
lazy AND filled with energy
Add all the ands
and that makes ME!

Oops! I forgot a Bathroom Singer too! :P

So be who you are, and be proud of it! Never let anyone describe with "OR", stand up for your "ANDs". 

Be a bunch of contradictions ladies! Keep Rocking!

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