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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Friends. (Source: F4Feeds)
There are days when all you need is a cup of coffee, soothing music and a good book but what you have to bear is full day of strenuous fieldwork, experimentation, fixing the instruments like a technician and attending presentations in between with just a two-minute lunch break! Yeah, Murphy's law ringing a bell! Well, that's how every day goes for me these days- in the desire of a vacation! :P

Last week had been such a hectic one as well but something different happened. I ran like a clock, ticking from 9 to 6.30. Finally I packed my bag, dragged my feet to reach the metro. Saying the metro was crowded would be an understatement. There was a flood of people - I mean a literal flood, people actually flow like water. You enter and exit the metro without any effort, but, alas, that's not comforting. I stood for an hour waiting to collapse but there was no space to do that even! Scanning through the crowd, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face but suddenly another pool of people entered the metro coach. I lost the face again. I tried looking again and there was a girl who looked like my school-time classmate but I wasn't sure. She looked like her but not exactly the same. Well, it's been 8 years since I left school so nobody would be looking the same now! I hesitated for some time and considering the amount of people between us, I couldn't even think of moving. After six more stations, I finally gathered some courage and a lot of energy to go to her. I said, "Hey! Priya?" She looked at me in amazement but finally her eyes showed a hint of recognition. She smiled and nodded! We hugged.

She had been the naughtiest girl in our class, always playful, full of energy, a little tomboyish and a perfect prankster. And look at her now. She stood in front of me in the most sophisticated manner, talking ever so politely! "Where is our Priya?", I teased her and she blushed. She was married now and settled with her husband in the United States. She was visiting her parents for a week and look at my luck that I met her in this metro to which I had been cursing all along. We got down at the next metro station and grabbed a table in the CCD. We were really close at the time of school, but different colleges in different cities kind of drifted us apart. We got so busy in our lives that we totally lost touch. But we were catching up now- we chatted for I don't even remember how long. We had missed such important events of each other's life! We talked about all the good times of school, how life had changed, where all our friends were.

After a long catching-up session, we exchanged numbers and bid adieu with a promise to stay in touch from now on. The meeting didn't last long but the feeling did. All the tiredness, the longing for a vacation, everything just disappeared in thin air. This was needed way more than the vacation! It will be a really memorable day for me. The nostalgia brought back such good memories that the smile it brought stayed on my face for a very long time. She went back this week but in the week that went by, we revived all our memories and our bond with it!

She'll be back in this winter and we are going to plan a reunion of all our school friends- all of us together! Friends- they bring back our smile and make us look up again! :)

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