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Sunday, March 22, 2015
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Have you lately seen the "Happiness is..." posts on Facebook. I always notice that the posts which states the simplest of things as happiness have the most likes by people. Maybe that's true! Maybe the simple joys of life are worth more than the great accomplishments of life. Being around loved ones, sharing, fighting, teasing all form a part of the fun and brightness in life. For me, the simple things which make me most happy are:

1. Sleeping
Yes, well you know me by now. Getting to sleep till noon, then taking an afternoon nap, followed by evening nap, and finally sleeping early at night just describes my ideal day! :P I would rather spend weekends at home in a comfortable blanket than socializing! As they say, sleeping is like meditation. It de-stresses our brain, reduces stress levels and brings back our happiness meter to the top. I would recommend everyone take one day off the weekend and spend relaxing, just like me! ;)

2. Eating
Or should I say binge eating! I love eating. There were times in my life when I hated eating, literally! I couldn't eat more and I ate only to live. nowadays, I live only so I can eat more! :P I love any and every thing that's edible! And I'm hungry whenever I'm awake! So, whenever you see me, I will be either sleeping or eating. Actually, first two points pretty much sum up 90% of my happiness! Just kidding! :P

3. Writing
I love writing and I love reading what I write. Every time I'm down and feel that I'm a good for nothing person, I really go and read things I wrote 5-10 years ago and that really brings up my spirit! It just feels good because I'm not the same person and I don't even think that way anymore! It's like I watch my thoughts growing! :) But I'm not talking about my blog posts, as Naseeruddin Shah asks Farhan Akhtar in ZNMD, "Khud k liye bhi kuch likhte ho?" 

4. Talking
Not to strangers or acquaintances! :P I love talking to my people - my family, my close friends and my all loved ones! Obviously, every bit of it is absolute senseless and just blabbering! But that's what makes me happy. I cannot be a part of a serious conversation for more than 30 seconds and put in complicated technical words in it, I'll have drifted to my mind palaces before you blink!

5. Rains
Nothing, absolutely nothing, raises my spirit more than the soothing smell of rain. A coffee, a good book and rain on my patio - I don't think I have words to describe this combination. And getting drenched as well is like the icing on the cake! :)

6. Shopping
Source: QuotesValley
The image above summarizes my feelings towards shopping. There's no heart break that a shopping spree cannot cure. The quantity of things bought is directly proportional to the happiness incurred! Find a funding source and pretty much, every problem in the world is juts sorted! :P

7. Gossiping
Meeting with friends over a large pizza and pasta on the side with steaming hot gossip is just pure eternal bliss. Jokes apart, meeting with friends is a great stress buster. And yeah, every girl you know has a group named "Gossip" on their WhatsApp these days! And of course, we do gossip about every one of you! :P I think everyone must have heard the Mayonnaise Jar and Coffee story, where a professor teaches his students the importance of things in life. He rightly says, "No matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend". Or a coke for that matter!


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  2. Your writing is like a silent fountain... Its beauty is in its flow !! But, sleeping is meditation :P !!! Who says so ?? http://www.artofliving.org/meditation/meditation-for-you/meditation-sleep


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