My first step towards Life!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Birmimgham (Source: BPS Birmingham Future)

I have always been an overly protected, extremely pampered and absolutely spoiled kid, thanks to my parent's tremendous love. I am an only girl in my paternal family, which just served as an icing to the cake. I have never been to field trips in school, night outs in college and usually, my dad drops me and picks me up from my college. Well, the last part is just because I'm too lazy to go by public transport! :P Lol!

While I was little, I had a dream to go and live in a hostel just to have an experience of what it is! My friends used to tease me that I will not be able to survive that! I have grown too used to living comfortably! Just to prove them wrong, I opted for a hostel once I joined my PhD but I didn't stay in it even for a day! I started thinking I will never be able o live on my own, neither do I intend to! 

Finally, one day during PhD, I was offered a chance to go to a foreign land! FOREIGN! OMG! Here, I was fretting over going to market alone and I had to go to another country, away from home! That is not possible at all. After fretting over it for a week, my parents forced me to go! Have the experience, they said! Everybody thought I would be happy, I was going to UK for a week, and I kept hoping that I will be sick and wouldn't have to go! What will I eat, how will I go out alone, with whom will I talk! Yeah, that's another problem, I am an introvert and when it comes on talking to strangers, I would die than initiating a talk, or even responding, nods work best for me! 

I was shit scared but the day finally arrived. My family came to bid my adieu and I felt as if I would cry, but to my amazement, I didn't. Well, not for long. I reached Birmingham at night and it was raining. I had to drag two heavy suitcases on my own with my laptop bag at my back! I somehow managed to get a cab and go to hotel. I went into the room, locked it and called my best friend and cried for half an hour! Seriously, with tears! I imagined I was going to end up dead in this different country without meeting my dad, eating this shit food (any food other than what my mom cooks is shit for me) and not talking to bhai bhabhi for a week! I imagined every horrible thing happening to me and I ended up being dead in each case. I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I literally dragged my feet to walk just out of my room, but I had to report at the university on time. To my amazement and comfort, everyone was so sweet to me. We had meetings which were, well, the boring part. But the researchers took me out on lunches, showed me around the place, and even taught me research related work. First day, I still reached back to hotel room at 6 and had cuppa noodles for dinner and Skyped home for 2 hours I guess. But before I knew it, I was comfortable there. On my third day, I tried going by their metro (yeah, I took overly priced cab on both other days, but I would rather be alive and poor than rich and dead!!) I started getting comfortable there, on my last day I went on a shopping spree for my family ALONE! yeah it's not a big deal for normal people but for cowardly introverts like me, it was the biggest step. I was so happy on my accomplishment that I treated myself but taking myself out to dinner! Table for one, she asked? And I felt stupidly proud in saying yes. 

I have been to three such trips in my two years of PhD, now my friends tease me that I am doing a Phd in Travel and Tourism! Lol. It may seem not like a big deal to any of you, but trust me that visit changed my life in more ways than one! Oh, this reminds me of Housing video I recently saw!

Look Up guys! The world is filled with ways to #StartANewLife

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  1. The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step. Congratulations... You have taken yours. :D After Reading this, now I know why its so difficult to break the ice with you. Do you know how does it feels? Its like breaking the GLACIER. :(


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