The (wo)man who thinks (s)he can!

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Source: The Laws of Murphy
I am not a very optimistic person, infact, I am just the opposite. I have always worried about what could go wrong, what if it doesn't happen my way, what if something terrible comes out of this! I am an avid believer in the Murphy's law - "if something can go wrong, it will". I had been a pessimist all my life -up until now - but not anymore!

My parents decided to renovate the house, and thus, I was forced to clean my room! Yes, it sucks big time. But I had no better option - one was to clear out the junk and take out useful things or second everything will be considered junk and thrown out! So, I obviously decided to go with the second! :P But it had a catch - I was to be thrown out with the junk you see.. Haha! So I had to clear it out and when you haven't cleaned your room in more than twenty years, it is a very tough job indeed! :-$ So as I sat down to clean, amidst all the not so useful candy wrappers crushed between the books, I found my childhood diary. It was a diary in which I did not write my personal things (sorry to disappoint you but I burned that stuff years ago...No more proof of my stupidity exists anymore! *Evil Laugh*! >:) ) I found my diary in which i used to write poems which I liked! So I sat down reading.....

Some were really funny and childish but some just touched my heart.  I had a poem by Shiv Khera as well from his famous book , "You can win". One poem was from our class X Hindi textbook which I still remember by heart, it will always be my favourite I guess. But scribbled among all the heart shaped symbols and my innumerable attempts at finding a good signature were the lines that touched my heart, "if you think you are beaten, you are" from the famous poem "Thinking" from Walter D. Wintle. It struck me harder than lightning can strike- it struck home! It was as if my junior version knew my 24 year old pessimistic-self will read it someday! 

That was the moment, I sat to re-think about everything (No, I wasn't procrastinating! :P ) But somewhere, it sprouted in me the feelings of hope and optimism, the enthusiasm and curiosity of a child. It felt right, we kind of lose our battles before even we go to war because we believe we might lose it. The might is the game changer actually! Children are the most optimistic actually because they don't think about how this may go wrong; whereas we have an encyclopedia of this! :P So, now I have begun to believe- if it can be done, I might as well do it! Even if I lose, I can still add an entry to my encyclopedia, whatsay? ;)  Well, this ray of optimism and hope reminds me of when Shahrukh Khan says,  "if it's not happy, its not the end!". 

Chalo it's been a week that I have been thinking about it, so I might as well get back to cleaning my closet! :(

Leaving you with the beautiful lines from Walter Wintle's Thinking..
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can!
Look Up and let's keep trying guys! :) Happys Endings! :) 

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