Airtel- Mera Pehla Pyaar!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Source: My Airtel App
I have been an avid Airtel user - starting from my first mobile prepaid connection which was bought out of sheer love for Shahrukh Khan. :) The love for Shahrukh faded over the years, but not the love for Airtel. Yeah yeah, hate me all you want, but I have been over Shahrukh ever since he lost so much weight to look fit and got weird instead. Nowadays, I'm more of a Salman Khan fan, well nowadays literally means ever since he started hosting Bigg Boss! :P Now, please don't start off with the Case-Bail-Lawyer-Fair-unfair thing. I'm just delighted that he is not behind the bars and will definitely host the next season of Bigg Boss for me! Anyway, while I was busy adjusting with the world of constantly disturbing phone calls, the world moved on to the Internet. I'm not so technologically challenged now, but back then it was pretty funny! I was really scared of joining the world of internet - but please put the blame on the lectures our parents gave about it being "insecure and unsafe"! It was airtel again with their dial-up connections which introduced me to orkut - yay! super fun application (or so thought my younger innocent version until facebook came up! :P ) Then came DTH for TV, Airtel broadband with their super awesome plans and 3G on mobile - and I'm glued to TV, phone and laptop 24 x 7 simultaneously - never leaving the "virtual" social world for even a minute! My "real" social life really sucks! :P 
Source: My Airtel App

Well, Airtel always surprises me with something new, and this time it's the new My Airtel App! It's a one stop shop for all my Airtel services - DTH, broadband, my prepaid - everything at one place! And you know the best part about the app is - "Airtel Surprises". The surprise is that each time we do a transaction from the app, there are surprise offers for you, like coupons from your favorite pizza joint, shopping vouchers, etc from popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, among others. Also, there are exclusive recharge offers available for the app users which are not available if you recharge from the website! Yay! An added advantage!

Source: My Airtel App
"I want to" feature - Ranging from bill payments, to recharges, buying packs! You can also record programs and order games from the app! No more missing my favourite shows now, and play time! Woohoo! We can also view our balance, check the data consumed (most essential feature for me!) and check recharge history. The best thing is I can save my favourite actions - like my phone recharge for Rs 350 for my phone! I just have to select the option next time under favourites from home screen and with the saved cards, I can pay instantly! Also, all the recharge & payment transactions are performed with super-secure PCI-DSS. Faster options, faster checkouts - all in all a super quick mobile recharge experience - a must have feature for the extremely hectic lifestyle we have! We can also pick equal value of our recharge Freebies / Offers / Coupons from various categories and save monies on every recharge & bill payment! Talk about free stuff in these times of inflation and I'm definitely in! They also provide options for getting alerts/ notifications on low balance, low data, bill payment, due date, etc, making life a bit more easier.

If you haven't downloaded the My Airtel App, you better do it now! - from Link
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