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Friday, July 10, 2015

It's summer again - the season of mangoes, watermelons, ice creams, smoothies and all the sweetness you can imagine! Yuhuu! :D However, there's a slight problem - I ain't ready with my summer body. :'( The picture on the top with a large belly protruding out - yes, that describes my position exactly! However, this is the case every year - I am never ready with my "summer body"! I think my summer body has gone into hibernation and will return after another 25 years! Last year, I resorted to crash diets but they did more harms than benefits! The crash dieting causes nutritional deficiency which leads to further problems like weakness, moodiness, irritability, etc. So this summer I decided to try something new and I stumbled upon Honey Diet!

Speaking of Honey, the first thing that comes to mind is Dabur Honey! Honey is really good for your body - it aids in weight management (my goal), good source of energy, aids in digestion, helps with cough and cold, and most importantly is very beneficial for giving you a beautiful skin! I earlier used to apply face packs which uses honey as an ingredient for a clear skin as well! Honey is way better than sugar as it provides more sweetness with lesser calories and is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. So I went to Dabur Honey's website which is really interactive. I checked my BMI (which was normal :P ), read all about honey including its benefits, and learned a lot.  Dabur Honey also has a 3-click fitness test, which asks details about you - height, weight, calorie intake, etc and then shows you the right diet for your body type! The test gave my ideal diet plan and also a lot of do's and dont's for my fitness regime. 

There are many ways by which you can consume honey in diets and also use it as an substitute for sugar. You can have honey with warm water in early mornings (really effective to lose weight, do add a bit of lemon juice for additional taste), honey strawberry milkshake in breakfast, honey fruit salad as a mid-morning snack, honey noodles or honey parantha pizza for lunch and so on. The recipe for these and many more are available here. If you want to see videos by famous chef Vikas Khanna (he's hot!), they are available here. I'm strictly adhering to honey diet these days and hopefully I'll be ready with my summer body soon! Do try these along with light exercise and yoga (yes, the one that Mr. Modi was teaching the world the other day!) and let me know how well this diet suits you as compared to other crash diets!

Image Sources: 1 - Link, 2,3,4 have been taken from Dabur Honey's website

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  1. Dabur honey kaa gana bahut achha lagta h.. honey khake deko .. honey khake deko.. honey khake deko ji :D


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