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Sunday, October 25, 2015

उस दिन अचानक से मेरी  छोटी  बहन ने फ़ोन करके बोला की वो अपनी कुछ सहेलियों को घर ल रही है। अब सब कॉलेज से थक कर आ रही थी तो भूख तो लगी होगी। मुझे समझ ही नही आ रहा था की एकदम से झट पैट क्या बना दू? उसे तो कह दिया की देखती हूँ पर सोच में पड़ गयी कि क्या करूँ ? यूँ तो आजकल ऐसे अचानक आये तूफानी ऑर्डर के लिए मै अपने फ्रिज में McCain के टिक्की और नगेट्स वगेरह रखती हूँ पर देखा एक ही पैकेट था Mccain chilli garlic potato bites का। ये तो कम होंगे ये सोच कर मेने इन potato bites को नए रूप मैं बनाने की तैयारी में लग गयी की चलो कुछ डिफरेंट हो जाये।

जब बच्चियाँ आई तो मेने चाय के साथ बिस्कुट ,नमकीन ,मठ्ठी अचार के मसाले के साथ और potato bites सर्व किये जो उन्हें बहुत पसंद आये। आइये आपको भी बताती हूँ की मेने Mccain chilli garlic potato bites के मैंनै डिश कैसे बनाई।

सामग्री :-McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites का एक पैकेट
                २ बड़े प्याज(लम्बे टुकड़ों में कटे हुए )
                 २ शिमला मिर्च (पतली लम्बी कटी हुई )
                 २ चम्मच टोमेटो सॉस
                 २ चम्मच सोया सॉस
                  २ चम्मच ग्रीन चिली सॉस
                  नमक ,मिर्च ,अजवाइन (स्वादानुसार)
                 रिफाइंड तलने के लिए वमसाला बनाने के लिए।

विधि ;- कड़ाही में रिफाइंड डाल कर bites को फ्रीजर से निकाल कर सीधे कड़ाही मे डाल कर फ्राई कर के रख लें।

अब दूसरी कड़ाही में ४ चम्मच रिफाइंड डाल लें गर्म होने पर अजवाइन उसमे डालें फिर उसमे प्याज डाल कर हल्का सा भूने फिर इसमें शिमला मिर्च डाल कर थोड़ा सा भून लें। भुनी सब्जियों में नमक ,मिर्च ,सॉस ,चिली सॉस व सोया सॉस डाल कर मिक्स करें।

इस तैयार मसाले में फ्राई किये हुए नगेट्स डाल कर मिक्स कर लें। फिर गर्म गर्म नगेट्स  को डोंगे में डाल कर सर्व करें।

लीजिये McCain के Chilli Garlic Potato Bites की नै डिश तैयार है पूरे परिवार के साथ एन्जॉय करिये व वाह वाही लीजिये।

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The definition and feeling of togetherness has changed over the past years- get-together at lunches have been changed to hangout at skype, waking up your friend at 2 in the night to tell the gossip about your crush has been changed to a whatsapp message, our happiness is counted by the number of likes, our sorrows depicted in facebook statuses! The human touch has just vanished from our day to day interactions. Our family dinners is in front of a TV with stolen glances at the mobile phones. We are eating something new, yay, this deserves to be on instagram! I'm on vacation so I definitely need to check-in at FB! The beautiful view of the scenery is captured not in your heart but in the lens of your camera, and instead of appreciating what's in front of us, we spend all the time in getting that perfect shot! 

Okay, I agree that lives of grown ups is hard. You have so much work and responsibilities that you remain busy all day, but that doesn't mean you will be cut off from your friends, so this life on digital platform and social media is very important! But what about kids? Atleast in our childhood, we went out to play. We fought with other kids for our turn in game, we fell, we got up - at least what we had was real! A X-BOX/PS game cannot be the same thing! it will have more animations than real life, you will have more super powers, but the interaction with "friends" would be only very minimal. 

Having a large number of friends on facebook doesn't count for having togetherness. The reason these social platforms were made was to interact with people more, not less. Real togetherness was meeting with friends in person, having an actual chat, spending time with family while gossiping about the world, knowing your neighbours, having a chat with the aunty that lives across the street, having home cooked food, taking into account the feelings and emotions of everyone else and basically swicthing off your phone while having a get together so that you give your 100% attention to the person in front of you! Real togetherness takes into account human touch - something which is lacking in our lives these days! Social media life is important but not 24x7 - you need to log off sometime and have a real laugh instead of an LoL!

Kissan has created a beautiful ad about the "real togetherness" which shows how a small effort of an elderly uncle changes the whole dynamics of the society - it brought everyone together! So this diwali, instead of sending whatsapp messages, go visit your old friends and family and spend quality time together! and hey do remember to leave your phone in your car! ;)

I once wrote a few lines, which seem apt to me for this situation!

I have stood atop the mountain
and swam away from shore.
Yet the place I desire the most
couldn't hold me anymore.

'Coz I got the freedom I wanted
and the wings I craved for.
Now the only thing remaining
is a string back to shore.

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