7 Peppy Punjabi Songs!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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So being a Punjabi, you have to love music, specially fast peppy numbers! And this being a wedding season, I have grown fond of peppy Punjabi numbers on which I can groove in Bhangra style! There's something about the Punjabi beats that automatically make you want to dance, even if it's a sad song. Remember, ishq tera tadpaave? It's a sad song, infact a heartbreak song if you listen to the lyrics but the moment he says ho ho ho ho every punjabi goes crazy dancing! :P So either we Punjabis don't know how to create sad songs, or maybe we don't know how to remain sad for long. Maybe that's why when Sukhwinder also set out writing a sad song, he just changed his mood in between and switched to happy beats! ;)

Anyway, talking about sad songs, the first song on my list of 7 peppy Punjabi songs, is a sad song itself! Btw, sorry to disappoint you, but no Yo Yo Honey Singh numbers made it to my list!

1. Patiala Peg
An awesome number by Diljit Dosanjh, which is a heartbreak song he sings when he sees his love with her fiance! It features Diljit Dosanjh and Diljott, the lyrics are by Veet Baljit, music is by Nick Dhammu and is a Speed Records label. It's my most favourite number when I need to cheer up! Must listen to number. 

2. Mitraa De Boot
Next on my list is a song by Jazzy B! He has been my favourite since school days, when the only Punjabi songs my non-Punjabi friends knew were by him! So here's another one of his numbers by him and Kaur B, music by Dr Zeus, featuring Jazzy B, Dr Zeus and Surveen Chawla! The lyrics (which I completely love) are by Navi Kamboj and Bunty Bains. Jinne vich baliye tu saari sajdi, unne je ta mitra de boot aunne aaaa! Psst, watch out for Jazzy B's shoes in the video!

3. Bapu Zimidar
Okay, so you have to watch this video for Jassi Gill, and if you don't find him to be cute, then I'm sorry but I'll have to stop talking to you immediately! :P He has portrayed a Sikh in this song and looks absolutely adorable in this song. *love-struck* This song is from the album Replay ( Return Of Melody) which has lyrics by Happy Raikoti and music by Jatinder Shah. And I'm sure you must have heard this song many a times on the FM - Oo daddy ji te cash utte kari jave aish, sadda bapu zimidaar kitho le k deve car!

4. Wakhra Swag
This is a latest song which is on my all day and the radio too! :P This song is by Navv Inder which is featuring Badshah. Also, the music is by Badshah, lyrics by Navi Kamboz, and label is of Times Music. Aaja dassa tennu soniye ki fashion ki hunda, tere yaar da ta wakhra swag niiii! This has a peppy rap by Badshah as well! :D

5. Laden
Another song by Jassi Gill and this one's so funny as well! He compares the girl's dad to Laden, brother to crane, mom to chain and so on! :P This is from the same album Replay (Return of Melody), with music by Gupz Sehra and lyrics by Happy Raikoti. In this Jassi is in a playful peppy mode having fun with the girl's family! tera bapu hai laden ta nhiii. 

6. 5 Taara
This is the latest song which is the title track from Diljit Dosanjh's movie 5 Taara. This song is starring Diljit Dosanjh and Tris Dhaliwal, music again by Jatinder Shah and lyrics by Ranbir Singh. That seems like a hybrid between Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh :P Anyway, must listen to this peppy number by Diljit Dosanjh. Actually, I sort of like all of Diljit Dosanjh's songs, and that would explain why 3 songs out of 7 are by him! :D

7. Ki Banu Duniya Da
Last, but definitely not the least, infact it's my most favourite song! Last year on Independence Day, Gurdas Maan released this song with Coke Studio. He has re-written this song with Diljit Dosanjh and music by yet again Jatinder Shah. This is such a nice song which talks about the traditions of Punjab, the division of India and Pakistan which basically led to division of Punjab. I just love this song and can listen to it endlessly! Ki banu duniya da, sacche badshah wahe guru jaane! Such true words!

Har boli sikho sikhni vi chahidi, par pakki vekh ke kachhi nhi dhai di!

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