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Monday, January 25, 2016
Source: the story of hope
Recently, I got to know that a famous scientist from my field of research is coming to our college to deliver a lecture on his current research work. I was super excited as he is a pioneer in our field and finally, I was sitting in front of him attending his lecture in person. I had seen a lot of lectures on videos, but this, this was different. He spoke for an hour regarding his new research and his achievements - all his work aimed at conducting research which will be beneficial for the society which left me mesmerized. I was so inspired by his work that I wanted to know what had inspired him to work in this field so diligently. So as soon as the question answer session began, I raised my hand and asked him, "I am so inspired by your work sir. You are a pioneer in this field and yet you work so hard even now. I really want to know what has inspired you to keep on working so diligently in this field?" He smiled at me and then said, "The impact!" 

He further elaborated, "When I had just joined the field of research, I was naive and thought that all my work would be highly regarded and I'll be famous. It might make a tiny dent in the universe but it wouldn't go unnoticed. However, I was proven wrong. Early works of my career turned fruitless, but that didn't deter me from my path. I started to work more rigorously. I wanted to make an impact and that's what kept me going. Finally, I had a breakthrough - I published my first research paper and received a brilliant response - that was all the motivation I had required. I started making an impact and once you do that, you can't step back. As I kept on working, the impact kept on growing."

"You see, everyone wants to make a name for themselves and I have done that satisfactorily for me. But this society helped me in doing that, so I guess it's payback time. Now, I do not work to make a name or a living, I have started directing my research towards the people so that it will be helpful for the society. I have started working on issues related to society and seeing the impact it has on the day-to-day lives of people gives me immense satisfaction and motivation to keep on working harder and harder! Hope I have answered your question!"

He did answer it perfectly. He got me thinking - the impact our work has proves out to be the best motivation for our future endeavours. The satisfaction it brings is beyond description in words. That was the best one hour of my life, and yes, it definitely left a huge impact on me!

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