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Wednesday, March 2, 2016
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Finally, the time of the year is here when you can delete your Facebook account and just head towards Himalayas to start leading you lonely life alone! Or so it feels. Wedding season is here and as expected every time this year minimum of 30 people I know get married. So by the time the next year comes, the earlier ones are celebrating their anniversary, the ones before them their kid's birth, kids birthday, and the most newly ones their honeymoon! All this results in my FB timeline filled with looouuvveee posts, with cuddy pictures, heart shaped balloons, love filled emoticons, anything and everything related to love, marriage and kids! This is depressing and not normal depressing - kinda pukey depressing! :P

At times like these, I can actually foresee my future life - being isolated at Himalayas! :P But then daydreaming gets the better off me and I start imaging the Mr Perfect coming along and my life would also be filled with these looouuvvveee filled FB posts throughout which will make others pukey depressed :P My day at work consists more of this "daydreaming" than actual work these days due to the lovey-dovey FB newsfeed! But my idea of Mr Perfect isn't a knight in shining armour. I can manage without the armour as well, but he very well shouldn't be these saas-bahu serial kinda guy :P

Actually, I have a 1000 page guideline criteria for Mr Perfect, but I think the most important ones would be converted to kasams :P 

1. He should never wake me up. 
By never, I mean never. Until and unless, there's an emergency situation. Like let's say there's a calamity outside and we have to leave our hours to move to a safer location, then he can. Actually, even in that case, he should try to move me without waking me up. You see,I love my sleep. :P

2. If the last slice of pizza is remaining, he should just let me have it. 
Or even last two slices, maybe. 

3. I am not the one to ask the guy to pause his video game for me. I rather want him to step aside and let me play it. 
because you know I'll just score better! :P

I think these should suffice for the time being. These will be updated as and when my mood changes! :P 

So, what are the kasams you want from your Mr Perfect?
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